Bulger Trip Type: Scrambling

Cathedral and Amphitheatre

cathedral mountain from amphitheatre mountain access glley

Cathedral and Amphitheatre make an excellent combo for knocking off two peaks. Very close with a straightforward traverse route.

Clark Mountain

clark mountain from the bottom of the gulley

Clark mountain looks easy on paper, but it can be a monster of an adventure. Opt for a lightweight to spread the climb over a couple of days

South Spectacle Butte

south spectacle butte from lower ice lake

South Spectacle is tough to reach, covered in loose rock, and a fine goal for anyone in for a type 2 suffer fest.

Robinson Mountain

ridge walk to the main scramble section

Robinson mountain looks like an easy day out for a Bulger. But watch out for the elevation gain. Makes the 12 miles feel like 20.

North Gardner and Gardner

gardner mountain at sunrise

North Gardner and Gardner mountain are appealing since they sit in the top 50 Bulger peaks. But the approach is long and the scrambling short