boulder river trail and falls

Boulder River Trail feels like it has been with me for eons. This was the first place I did any kind of overnight backpacking trip. It’s also the first trail I thought of while starting to get sober and healthy. This trail helped inspire me to do all the outdoor activities that I partake in today. Strangely, this trail has changed little during the 20 years that I have been coming here.

The trail itself is straight-forward. All the way to the main waterfall, at about 1 mile in, the trail is wide and well-kept. Prepare yourself to wander through some traditional northwest forest. Moss-covered trees line the path. Sounds of a not too distant rushing creek. This is one of those trails that is near and dear to me and I wish there was something to more to say. But, the trail is simple, easy to follow, and enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for an easy overnight experience, there’s a couple of decent campsites before reaching the main waterfall. Given that it takes so little effort to get to, Boulder Falls is a magnificent little destination. Boulder River Trail is accessible almost any time of year, and even though the water is cold, I have gotten away with spontaneous dips once or twice on beautiful summer days. The trail is easy for kids and enjoyable for adults, thus making Boulder River Trail a northwest gem.

Once past the waterfall, Boulder River Trail continues to be a simple walkthrough of some mossy forest. The hardest thing you might have to face is blow-downs. There’s always at least 2 or 3 along this trail, but this time there were a lot of large ones. With a small amount of effort I was able to get around all them, though it may be more difficult if you have children with you.