dirty harry's peak ('4680)

Much like it’s very close neighbor Mailbox Peak, Dirty Harry’s Peak trail is a steep climb straight up the side of a mountain. Unfortunately, I chose a day with heavy cloud cover and rain to give it a shot for the first time. By the time I arrived in the parking lot it was pouring rain and showing no signs of letting up. That is why they make rain gear though.

north bend sunrise sunrise over the cascades

Dirty Harry’s Peak trail starts off on level ground after leaving the parking lot. I made the mistake of wandering down the road from the parking lot. From the parking lot look for the easy trail that heads into the woods. After crossing the bridge the real trail begins.

Along the way there are some viewpoints that looked like they would have a good view on a clear day. I got deprived of the views by the bleak weather. There is also the option to head for Dirty Harry’s Balcony as a shorter trip. I didn’t head in that direction so I can’t speak to it.

The best part of the day by far was the lack of people. I do my best to avoid I-90 these days due to the large crowds that line the trails. For some reason this one seemed oddly devoid of other people.

interstate 90 below dirty harrys peak forest section along trail snow begins on dirty harry's peak

Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail is steep and through the woods for much of the day. I enjoy something with far more of a view than this. But for some it may work. My main thought would be that Mailbox Peak is a far more worthy goal.

The trail up Dirty Harry’s Peak is well cut but steep. The top looks like it could have some good views on a day without so much cloud cover. For this hiker, once was enough. I did it and get too post a little eye candy on my site. Other than that the hike itself was very underwhelming. I know I won’t be coming back for this one any time soon.

foggy summit of dirty harrys peak waterboy on summit of dirty harrys peak