mount forgotten (6005')

Mount Forgotten has been on my radar since the first time I visited Forgotten Meadows. But, my previous two attempts ended in snow, as I had come without adequate gear to climb in it. This time it The route up begins from the Mount Dickerman trailhead.

It is the trail on the opposite end of the parking lot. You will need to follow it for around 4 miles to Perry Creek Falls. From the falls, head across the creek on logs and the Forgotten Meadows route will be an obvious trail.

The trail will wind through the woods for a bit before coming out on a bench. Here you will get your first clear view of Mount Forgotten. Mount Forgotten Meadows will be easy to find by following the trail. To climb the peak you will need to locate the climbers’ trail that leaves from the Northwest part of the meadow.

log crossing above perry creek falls

The climbers trail to Mount Forgotten is the most difficult part of the hike. It fades and appears over and over as it winds along the hillside below Mount Forgotten. There is a couple of 2nd and 3rd class bouldering moves required to get through. None of it has any serious exposure or hazard that I could see. If you can manage to scramble along the climbers trail, the route up Mount Forgotten is easy.

The only part that might bother some is getting to the true summit. There is a small knifes edge that you will need to navigate if you want to get out to it. It is narrow and has a decent amount of exposure below it. The view is no different than the end of the climbers trail though. You could always say you did it, no one would know.