perry creek falls

lower section of perry creek falls

Perry Creek falls is as straightforward as any kind of hike along the mountain loop highway can get. It begins in the same parking lot as the trail up Mount Dickerman but doesn’t come close to being as difficult. It is a far more laid back way to experience the Mount Dickerman area.

After the first section of walking through some old-growth forest, you will come to an old road. Follow along the old roadbed that leads to the closed down trailhead. When you see the trailhead sign you are at the beginning of Perry Creek Falls Trail.

As you hike be sure to turn around and peer back down the valley. That is where most of your views will come for the day.

While the valley is steep in places, most of the hike to Perry Creek falls is easy. From the end of the rod it is a meager two miles to where the trail meets up with the falls. If you think you can handle the elevation gain, Perry Creek Falls is a worthy goal.

If you are looking for a bit more than a quick day hike you can go past the falls. Follow the trail long enough and it will take you to the trail for Mount Forgotten.

log crossing above perry creek falls perry creek falls
wild flowers along trail perry creek basin below mount dickermen upper portion of perry creek falls