skyline divide

I have been wanting to hike Skyline Divide for a while after seeing some pictures of it last summer. I finally got the chance thanks to a full day of sun in the forecast.

The road was snow-covered 1.2 miles from the trail-head. It was several feet of powder so I got out to walk the rest of the road. When I arrived at the actual trailhead, there were no cars despite fresh tire tracks in the snow. This was going to be a nice solitary hike up to the skyline divide.

skyline divide road last uphill to skyline divide

The Skyline Divide trail is nothing to rave about when there is snow. Nothing more than a steep trail through the woods. I should have brought some snowshoes with me considering the time of year. But, I forgot to rent them the night before from the student center. Instead I post-holed most of the way up to the divide. In a few places there were some snowshoe tracks. I was able to follow them partway. But without them, there would be a basic amount of navigation work.

mount larabee from skyline divide mount larabee skyline divide views from skyline divide road
waterboy skyline divide mount baker

The view from the top is spectacular. There are sweeping views from Baker to Shuksan and all through the north cascades. It was excellent spending 5 hours in the north cascades in complete solitude. I would love to return in summer and see what the wildflowers look like. But, I have heard the crowds on the Skyline Divide Hike can be heavy.

mount baker skyline divide shuksan from skyline divide
mount baker solitary footsteps in snow skyline divide trail shuksan from skyline divide
waterboy post holing skyline divide my ice axe skyline divide