Beckler Peak

Short steep hike to an outstanding view of the Wild Sky Wilderness

Read More About Beckler Peak
Boulder Glacier – Mt Baker

A tough route with an incredible view

Read More About Boulder Glacier – Mt Baker
Slate Mountain

A couple mile walk with a short ascent and some excellent views

Read More About Slate Mountain
Mailbox Peak

Old Mailbox Peak trail was the stuff of legend

Read More About Mailbox Peak
Lake Valhalla Snowshoe

Easy approach to a tough cross country route

Read More About Lake Valhalla Snowshoe
Enchantment Peak

Worth the climb if you are going for the Bulger Peaks

Read More About Enchantment Peak
Mount Stuart – Cascadian Couloir

Excellent scramble challenge for a long day out.

Read More About Mount Stuart – Cascadian Couloir
Lost Lake

A tough challenge for the entire loop. Plenty of options for shorter routes.

Read More About Lost Lake
Crater Lake West Rim

A laid back snowshoe along the West Rim of Oregon's Crater Lake

Big Four Ice Caves Snowshoe

Big Four Ice Caves is often overlooked as a snowshoe destination.

Read More About Big Four Ice Caves Snowshoe
Mount Ngāuruhoe

There is nothing like standing on top of Mount Doom

Read More About Mount Ngāuruhoe
Heather Jock Hut

One of the least interesting hikes ever. Very epic place to sleep and watch the sunset.

Read More About Heather Jock Hut
Mount John Walkway

One of the prettiest man made Glacier fed lakes in the world...I think....

Read More About Mount John Walkway
Milford Track

The most famous of New Zealand's Great Walks

Read More About Milford Track
Sauk Mountain

Having only one steep hill to conquer makes Sauk mountain trail a good summit for most fit hikers. That one hill is a challenge though.

Read More About Sauk Mountain
Lake Ingalls

Epic view of Mount Stuart. Larches in Fall.

Read More About Lake Ingalls
Roland Point – Ross Lake

Short boat trip to a secluded camp on Ross lake

Read More About Roland Point – Ross Lake
Sauk Mountain (Winter)

Very steep and challenging as a winter ascent

Read More About Sauk Mountain (Winter)
Star, Courtney and Oval Peaks

The trail to these peaks is a nightmare of blow downs

Read More About Star, Courtney and Oval Peaks
North Gardner and Gardner

Long approach, short scramble but a lot of solitude out of season

Read More About North Gardner and Gardner
Hoodoo Peak

The views are mind blowing and worth the walk for any avid hiker

Read More About Hoodoo Peak
Windy Peak

Windy peak. The most remote bulger known to man...

Read More About Windy Peak
Mount Adams – Spring

Can you make it past Pikers Peak?

Read More About Mount Adams – Spring
Mount Dickerman

Mount Dickerman is a classic in Washington

Read More About Mount Dickerman
Big Four Mountain

Very Very Tough Climb

Read More About Big Four Mountain
Mount Ellinor

Famous not for the summit but the glissade down

Read More About Mount Ellinor
Mount Index – Hourglass Gulley

The hourglass gulley route is as steep as Index peak looks.

Read More About Mount Index – Hourglass Gulley
Lion King Rock

A brief high altitude hike to a beautiful lookout over the tail end of the Himalaya Mountains

Read More About Lion King Rock
Little City Of Rocks

Great destination if you are looking for a solid day out with a ton of scrambling and climbing opportunities

Read More About Little City Of Rocks
Craters Of The Moon

An excellent destination for some history and few short hikes

Read More About Craters Of The Moon
Wallace Falls

If you don't mind a crowd, its worth it.

Read More About Wallace Falls
Teddy Bear Cove

Easy hike down to a small beach. Come for low tide and tide pools

Read More About Teddy Bear Cove
Skyline Divide

Skyline divide is a great winter hike. Summer wildflowers are supposed to be better

Read More About Skyline Divide
Rosario Beach

Looking for one of the best views that Deception Pass has to offer?

Read More About Rosario Beach
Perry Creek Falls

Perry Creek Falls is an excellent alternative to many of the area hikes. Far less crowded

Read More About Perry Creek Falls
Park Butte Lookout

Park Butte Fire Lookout is a classic if you can handle light scrambling

Read More About Park Butte Lookout
Oyster Dome

One of Bellingham's very best sights

Read More About Oyster Dome
Mount Si

There is a small scramble section at the top that's fun

Read More About Mount Si
Mount Pilchuck

Do not expect to be alone even in winter.

Read More About Mount Pilchuck
Mount Muller

Long loop over a small mountain top and along a ridge

Read More About Mount Muller
Madrone Crest

A well-marked easy day out.

Read More About Madrone Crest
Lake Twenty Two

One of the most popular hikes along Mountain Loop Highway. Get there early for parking

Read More About Lake Twenty Two
Lake Ann

One of the best views of the Fischer Chimney's

Read More About Lake Ann
Heybrook Lookout Tower

One of the easiest hikes along US2

Read More About Heybrook Lookout Tower
Hannegan Pass

Come in early summer so your hike is filled with wildflowers.

Read More About Hannegan Pass
Greider Lakes

A straightforward day hike with a moderate amount of elevation gain

Read More About Greider Lakes
Granite Mountain

There isn't much to distract from the pain

Read More About Granite Mountain
West Goat Mountain

Not really a winter ascent type of mountain. Try in the summer

Read More About West Goat Mountain
Monte Cristo Ghost Town

An easy walk up a dirt road to one of Washington's most famous scenes of past prosperity

Read More About Monte Cristo Ghost Town
Goat Lake

Very busy on weekends. Come on a weekday for solitude

Read More About Goat Lake
Fort Casey State Park

Explore an old military base, hike, and see the beach.

Read More About Fort Casey State Park
Easy Pass

An excellent day hike destination most ages should be able to enjoy.

Read More About Easy Pass
Dirty Harry’s Peak

Just as difficult as it's neighbors like Mailbox and Washington with less views

Read More About Dirty Harry’s Peak
Excelsior Peak

The hike is tough but the reward is high.

Read More About Excelsior Peak
Church Mountain

Church Mountain trail is one of the most popular hikes along Mount Baker Highway

Read More About Church Mountain
Cedar Lake

One of the many easy hikes in the Chuckanut mountains

Read More About Cedar Lake
Lake Serene

One of the toughest and prettiest hikes along Washington's US2

Read More About Lake Serene
Bridal Veil Falls

An easier hike than lake Serene but an equally desirable destination

Read More About Bridal Veil Falls
Boulder River Falls

Boulder River Trail is an easy day out for the whole family

Read More About Boulder River Falls
Bandera Mountain

A worthy goal despite being overshadowed by its neighbors like mailbox peak

Read More About Bandera Mountain
Alger Alp

Just an easy trail to a beautiful lookout spot.

Read More About Alger Alp
White Pass Pilot Ridge Loop

White Pass Pilot Ridge loop is one of the prettiest backpacking trips I've done.

Read More About White Pass Pilot Ridge Loop
Whittier Ridge Loop

Whittier Ridge loop is a great mixed trail in South Washington

Read More About Whittier Ridge Loop
PCT Section J

A difficult 16000 feet of elevation gain going south to north.

Read More About PCT Section J
White River Boulder Basin

The hike of Boulder Basin above the White River Trail gives you the feeling of being away from it all.

Read More About White River Boulder Basin
Gothic Basin

The hike to Gothic Basin is long and steep.

Read More About Gothic Basin
Foss Lakes Loop

The Foss Lakes-Necklace Valley Loop is an off-trail backpacking route

Read More About Foss Lakes Loop
lake kelcema snowshoe

Lake Kelcema is an easy snowshoe near big four ice caves

Read More About lake kelcema snowshoe
Denny Creek Snowshoe

Denny Creek is a moderate snowshoe along Interstate 90.

Read More About Denny Creek Snowshoe
Artist Point Snowshoe

The view at Artist Point is hard to beat, especially in winter.

Read More About Artist Point Snowshoe
Heliotrope Ridge Snowshoe

Heliotrope ridge makes for an excellent snowshoe once the road is partially open.

Read More About Heliotrope Ridge Snowshoe
Mount Saint Helens – Worm Flows

Standard winter approach. Easy as they come for a big peak but steep.

Read More About Mount Saint Helens – Worm Flows
Mount Rainier Emmons Glacier (Solo)

Climbing the Emmons glacier solo was an experience to last a lifetime

Read More About Mount Rainier Emmons Glacier (Solo)
Mount Rainier Emmons Glacier

The Emmons route is tough. One of the toughest Washington has to offer

Read More About Mount Rainier Emmons Glacier
Mount Baker Easton Glacier

The Easton is the near twin of the Coleman Deming Route on Mt Baker

Read More About Mount Baker Easton Glacier
Mount Adams South Climb

One of the "easier" volcanoe summit routes in Washington

Read More About Mount Adams South Climb
Glacier Peak DC Route

Getting to glacier peak is 75% of the battle.

Read More About Glacier Peak DC Route
Eldorado Peak

Eldorado Peak is known as the queen of the cascade river.

Read More About Eldorado Peak
Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney is a must for every hiker at least once.

Read More About Mount Whitney
Mount Shasta – Avalanche Gulch

With 7300 feet of elevation gain it makes for a good challenge

Read More About Mount Shasta – Avalanche Gulch
Mt. Hood – Leuthold Couloir

Leuthold Couloir is the next step up from the pearly gates

Read More About Mt. Hood – Leuthold Couloir
Mount Hood – Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates Route on Mt Hood is considered the standard approach.

Read More About Mount Hood – Pearly Gates
Mount Jefferson

Climbing Mt Jefferson is no joke. People die yearly, be careful up there

Read More About Mount Jefferson
South Sister

A well-cut low-grade climb on a lot of scree and snow.

Read More About South Sister
Broken Top

Most of it is easy, until the last 200 feet.

Read More About Broken Top
Borah Peak (Mount Borah)

Chicken out ridge lived up to it's name.

Read More About Borah Peak (Mount Borah)
White Chuck Mountain

he trail is short, scrambling is straightforward. Drive to the peak is awful

Read More About White Chuck Mountain
Vesper Peak and Lake Elan

onditions can vary from waist-deep snow to fields of loose rock depending on the season.

Read More About Vesper Peak and Lake Elan
Three Fingers

Three Fingers lookout will take some determination to get to.

Read More About Three Fingers
Silvertip Peak

Silvertip is a mountain seen by many but climbed by few.

Read More About Silvertip Peak
Switchback, Martin, Bigelow, Libby, Raven

I would suggest taking more than one day...

Read More About Switchback, Martin, Bigelow, Libby, Raven
North Twin Sister

The trick is staying on the correct route

Read More About North Twin Sister
Mount Stickney

A fun challenging climb with a lot of solitude

Read More About Mount Stickney
Mount Pugh

he route might test your limits.

Read More About Mount Pugh
Mount Forgotten

Mount Forgotten is a hidden peak along Mountain Loop Highway.

Read More About Mount Forgotten
Mount Angeles

A challenging snowshoe in winter. Summer (might?) be easier.

Read More About Mount Angeles
Merchant Peak

Merchant peak is a rough climb to say the least.

Read More About Merchant Peak
McClellan and Little Annapurna

Two beautiful summits in one day, round trip on Aasgard pass. 'Nough said...

Read More About McClellan and Little Annapurna
Kyes Peak

Climbing Kyes Peak via its south ridge is a monster take on in a single day.

Read More About Kyes Peak
Katsuk and Mesachie

The climb of Katsuk and Mesachie requires a walk down ragged ridge

Read More About Katsuk and Mesachie
Jumbo Mountain

Jumbo Mountain might be short but it will test navigation skill.

Read More About Jumbo Mountain
Hidden Lake Peaks North

The trail for Hidden lake Peaks has multiple options for every adventurer.

Read More About Hidden Lake Peaks North
Gunn Peak

Gunn Peak is the tallest of the Wild Sky Wilderness peaks.

Read More About Gunn Peak
Tower Mountain and Golden Horn

Make Tower and Golden Horn a two day expedition. Your legs will thank you.

Read More About Tower Mountain and Golden Horn
Del Campo

It is easy to attain if you follow the right route.

Read More About Del Campo
Columbia Peak

Columbia Peak is an arduous route with some serious scrambling

Read More About Columbia Peak
Colchuck and Dragontail

Climbing both in one day makes an epic double summit.

Read More About Colchuck and Dragontail
Cashmere Mountain

If you can get the permits, make it two days.

Read More About Cashmere Mountain
Cardinal, Emerald and Saska

Expect a lot of work with a huge payoff.

Read More About Cardinal, Emerald and Saska
Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain is one of the least interesting of the Bulgers.

Read More About Cannon Mountain
Cadet Peak

The climb of Cadet Peak mostly requires physical stamina

Read More About Cadet Peak
Black Peak

Prepare for the final ridge walk, its a doozy.

Read More About Black Peak
Big and West Craggy

Big Craggy and West Craggy are a challenging one day adventure.

Read More About Big and West Craggy
Baring Mountain

Be ready to grind it out. The first hill might kill your spirits

Read More About Baring Mountain
Abernathy Peak

Many call Abernathy peak the easiest of the Bulger Peaks. So far, I Agree...

Read More About Abernathy Peak
Argonaut Peak

That final scramble is...intense

Read More About Argonaut Peak

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