Growing up in the PNW the outdoors have always been a part of life. Camping, hiking, swimming in alpine waters and climbing are central to the culture that I grew up loving.

During my teenage years life took a sour turn. Facing serious mental health issues and unable to cope, young me turned to drugs as an outlet. Of course, all that did was exacerbate the issues and led to an inevitable spiral.

After too many close calls with the law, multiple near death experiences and years living on a knife’s edge, I finally decided it was time to get healthy. One summer day in 2007 I decided to go for a hike. The change didn’t happen all at once, but soon enough the mountains had consumed me.

With the passage of time forested walkways, back-country adventures and mountain peaks have become my cathedrals. Whatever life throws at me, the mountains always beckon as a place where it can all melt away. Some have told me all I did was change addictions. That may be true. But, after 16 years of being clean, I can say this addiction saved my life.

Hike2Hike is a snapshot of my continuing journey to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Others go to church on Sunday – I go to the mountains.