The Bulger Peaks

Abernathy Peak From Ridge Line

Abernathy Peak

Many call Abernathy peak the easiest of the Bulger Peaks. That does not make it an easy climb. Especially during a heat wave like when I decided to take it on.

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Black Peak Ridge Line Scramble

Black Peak

Come to Black Peak for the 17th tallest peak in Washington. Prepare for the final ridge walk, its a doozy.

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mount cashmere from ridge line

Cashmere Mountain

A long hike and scramble to attain the summit of a Washington’s Mount Cashmere If you can get the permits, make it two days. One is tough.

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hoodoo peak from hoodoo pass

Hoodoo Peak

Hoodoo Peak is one of the “easy” Bulger peaks. But the views are mind blowing and worth the walk for any avid hiker

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windy peak summit block

Windy Peak

For a Bulger peak you are only going to find a few that are this easy. This one is difficult because you will have trouble finding the time to drive there

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