Hoodoo Peak
Oct 9, 2021
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While making a one-day run at the Sawtooth Slam sawtooth slam earlier in the summer, Hoodoo Peak was the one that evaded me. After having climbed Switchback, Martin, Bigelow, and Libby, the sun was starting to set. I still had Raven Ridge and a walk back to the car, so I turned tail and headed away, slightly dismayed that I wouldn’t get all of them for the day.

libby lake trail fall colors
libby lake trail
waterboy on libby lake trail
libby lake trail views
burn area libby lake trail
burn area along trail

The Libby lake trail is really nothing to write home about. It is steep but well cut making it easy to get lost in the scenery. If you do want to take on Hoodoo peak I would highly suggest the fall. The most spectacular part of the trail was the golden larches lining the walkway. They were everywhere and made any leg pain secondary in the mind. But do be mindful of weather changes. I was snowed on (lightly) several times through the day

The most important part of getting to Hoodoo peak from the Libby lake trailhead will be taking a right turn in the correct spot. From some of my research, it seemed like it would be difficult to locate, but it is quite easy. Just before the final hill up to the lake, there is an old building in the middle of the trail. Hang a right there to head for the peak

hoodoo peak scramble route
start of off trail section
golden larches scramble hoodoo peak
golden larches along scramble

From the trail cutoff, the trail is less consistent, but for the most part, you will just want to work uphill walking on the boulders towards a fairly obvious pass. The terrain does get fairly steep but I rarely needed to use my hands while walking up the boulders.

Once at the small pass the summit pyramid is quite obvious to the north (right). There is some more easy scrambling (class 2 at worst) and you will be firmly on top of the 63rd highest point in Washington.

hoodoo peak from hoodoo pass
hoodoo peak final scramble
golden larch at hoodoo pass
golden larch on hoodoo peak
view from hoodoo peak
view from hoodoo peak

While 12 miles round trip and 4000ft of gain is not easy, it is about as easy as a peak this big will ever get in these parts. Enjoy the scenery, revel in the accomplishment and if you ever feel like the area might have a better challenge up its sleeve for you then take a look at Star, Courtney, and Oval. Hoodoo Peak’s nearby Bulger neighbors will definitely give you a run for your money…

waterboy hoodoo peak summit photo
summit photo
summit views from hoodoo peak summit
view from the summit

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