Cedar Lake
Dec 13, 2014
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With school out for winter break and the madness of finals complete, the woods seemed like the perfect retreat. As I had already hiked through much of the Chuckanut area in Bellingham, I decided to look for a new experience and landed on Cedar lake.

The trail starts off by climbing a wide path that resembles more of a road up the mountain. For most of the hike to cedar lake this will be your path as it continues to climb. Although I generally like to say all good things about a hike that I can, I am at a loss on this one. The slog up the main hill is uninteresting at best. With very little to distract your attention from the constant rushing sound of the nearby freeway. That being said the hike does have its Aha! moments as well.

woodpecker along cedar lake trail chuckanut mountains bellinham
woodpecker along trail
cedar lake trail bellingham washington
cedar lake trail
cedar lake shoreline bellingham washington
cedar lake shoreline

Once you crest the top of the hill the sound of the freeway begins to fade as the silence of the woods takes over. From here the hike to cedar lake becomes a nice stroll through the green wilderness until you reach the trail junction for Pine and Cedar lakes. The two lakes are very close to each other and can be done easily in one trip. But, true to my lazy college student self, I chose to only visit one.

Cedar Lake is a nice little lake with a decent walkway that goes at least partway around it. It also has easy access to a viewpoint of Mt Baker and the San Juan’s. With heavy fog in the air it seemed best to enjoy the lake and go home.While not the most scenic hike, Cedar Lake was a worthy escape from the city and life for a few hours. If you are looking for a nice laid back hike that won’t take up your whole day then this would be the perfect solution.

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