Hannegan Pass
Jul 6, 2014
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It was time to take another summer school reprieve by hiking up Hannegan Pass trail. Being my first time on this trail, I was skeptical that the views could stand up to the descriptions I had heard. But, those fears were short-lived. After about three-quarters of a mile the trail reaches the first views and they only get better.

Hannegan Pass trail is a busy one so try to save this for a weekday. Otherwise plan to move at others pace as the trail is very narrow in parts. From the trailhead climb gently at first, gaining only a few hundred feet per mile for the first two miles. On the way be sure to stop to take in the views of mount Sefrit’s north side. Ruth mountain dominates to the east and a spectacular glacier-carved valley to the west. After 2 miles Hannegan pass trail picks up pace as the trail approaches the last few switchbacks. There is a brief forested section before arriving at Hannegan pass.

trail head camp sites
trail head camps
lower section of hannegan pass trail
trail through the valley
waterfall near hannegan pass
waterfall below the pass

Even on a Gray Northwest day the view from Hannegan pass is well enjoyed while eating a snack. The only thing that was disappointing was my inability to photograph very much at the pass. As I was arriving some rain rolled in and covered most of the mountains in a thick fog. I will have to take a few more photos when I visit nearby copper ridge later this summer.

hannegan pass trail through the woods
hannegan pass trail
hannegan river
hannegan river
wild flowers along the lower trail
wildflowers along trail

The views everywhere on the Hannegan pass trail are stunning. It only takes a mile or two of hiking to begin to understand why many say this is one of the best hikes in the North Cascades. There are waterfalls, views of glacier-carved valleys, a river and a mountain pass. The views of surrounding North cascades giants cap off the jaw-dropping scenery. This hike should appease anyone’s need for an excellent outdoor experience.

waterboy at hannegan pass
at the pass
view south from below hannegan pass
view south from the trail
wildflowers below hannegan pass
wildflowers below the pass

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