Mount Si
Apr 19, 2019
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As anyone who has hiked along the I-90 corridor can attest, Mount Si is a steep climb. On a clear day it brings you to some beautiful sweeping views and even a fun little scramble. The incredible views at the top are most likely the reason WTA claims that around 100,000 people climb it each year.

I can only say from experience that a sunny summer weekend day, you will be in a near-line trying to reach the summit of this relatively small peak. That is why I haven’t been here for nearly 10 years. Until I got a wonderful rainy Friday off that I knew very few people would want to spend climbing Mt Si.

early section of mount si trail
early section of the trail
resting area along the trail
one of few resting points

Though doing it in the pouring rain had its drawbacks, it was the only time that I have done it where I saw maybe 10 people all day. For that reason alone it was an excellent day out. As expected the top was completely closed in by cloud and the raining was pouring.

While it may not have been the wisest decision, I still decided to scramble up the haystack. With water streaming down in small creeks off of the rocks it was freighting. I made it through and returned safely. One day I will brave the crowds and experience this hike during a sunny day once again. For now I think I will stick to the solitude that a rainy weekday brought with it.

rocky outcrop near mount si summit
rocky outcrop near summit
rock formations below mount si summit
rock formations near summit

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