teddy bear cove


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Teddy bear cove is a short hike to a long beach which at low tide is rich in tide pools and sea creatures. The hike can start from the north Chuckanut mountain trailhead (about 2 miles round trip) or from a small parking lot right above the cove (about 1-mile round trip).

There is one fairly steep hill down to the beach but this hike is still great for kids. Just make sure to go at low tide to enjoy combing the beach. By the time we left we had counted 71 starfish and a few crabs.

crab hanging out in a tidepool
crab in a tidepool
crab guarding his shell
crab guarding a shell
starfish at teddy bear cove
orange starfish teddy bear cove
orange starfish
seashells littering the beach
crab running under the water
crab in the water