Wallace Falls
Apr 13, 2019
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I planned to climb a peak this particular day, but the weather report looked suspect at best. Instead I decided to take a shot at doing two smaller hikes in one day. I settled on combining Wallace Falls trail and then a quick drive over to Heybrook Lookout.

I tend to avoid Wallace falls trail as it tends to be a bit crowded. Access to it is easy and with many stopping points families have a choice in their day. But, it is not worth missing out on forever. If you are looking for a good time to go then I would suggest weekdays or early in the morning. That is the only two ways I have ever gotten some solitude here. Even with a crowd the trail is worth it at least once in your life.

creek along the wallace river trail
creek along the trail
sign at the begining of the trail
trail head sign
bridge laong the wallace falls trail
bridge along trail

The first section of the Wallace Falls trail is easy. Until reaching the first falls the trail should be doable by even most small children. It just winds through the forest and over a creek or two providing. It provides ample photo opportunities and chances to get near the river. Whenever I come there always seem to be people wading and playing in the Wallace River.

Once you are past the first waterfall is where much of the elevation gain begins. The Wallace Falls trail steepens as it winds along the Wallace River. All parts of the trail is well maintained due to the heavy use. There is plenty of switchbacks and trail improvements to ease the elevation gain.

wallace river
wallace river
sign warning of deadly consequences of falling
don't fall
the first of the three waterfalls
first falls

If you are headed to the third waterfall, prepare for more elevation gain as Wallace Falls trail continues to climb up the hill. All three waterfalls are well worth the effort. The only thing I have not done here is to follow Wallace Falls trail to Wallace Lake. I have heard there are some good campsites and fishing there, but I cannot attest to it myself.

upper wallace falls
upper falls
middle falls wallace falls trail
middle falls

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