Artist Point Snowshoe
Jan 27, 2016
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Itching to get outside after tearing my Achilles in September, I couldn’t pass up the ideal weather over Thanksgiving weekend and had to find somewhere to go. Already covered in snow and almost assured an exquisite view, Artist Point seemed like an obvious choice.

If you have ever made the drive in summer, then you know the crowds this area can draw. While winter is no different, the crowd is considerably smaller. The snowfall makes Artist Point Accessible by snowshoe or ski. Best of all you won’t be looking over other tourist cameras trying to get a peek at the scenery.

start of the winter snowshoe route to artist point
beginning of snowshoe route
climbing up the baker ski area to get to artist point
first main hill to artist point
mount shuksan from hgihway 542
mount shuksan

From the upper parking lot, follow the ski area boundary fence. You will get lead around the side of the hill and to the upper ski area. From here you can access where the road is during the summer months. Follow it to the artist point parking area. The hardest part of your day will come at the beginning in the form of one large hill.

table mountain from artist point snowshoe route
table mountain
mount baker ski area from artist point
mount baker ski area from artist point
northwest view artist point snowshoe
view northwest

Artist Point is a straightforward snowshoe trip. Arriving at 8 am worked out perfectly. The ski area parking lot still had plenty of space available. On top of that, I was able to make it to Artist Point before the sun was at full force for the day. This meant less sweating and more enjoyment of the surrounding views.

mount baker from artist point snowshoe route
mount baker
Artist Point Summer Parking Area

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