Cutthroat Pass
Sep 30, 2023
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One of the most intriguing aspects of being in New Zealand is adapting to the reverse seasons. As we approach Fall here, I find myself reminiscing about the stunning autumn hues of the Pacific Northwest. Just before our departure, Trailcutter and I embarked on a journey to Cutthroat Pass to witness the breathtaking golden larches.

Arriving at the Cutthroat Pass Trailhead early, we were met with the usual hustle and bustle of this time of year. After a bit of a struggle, we managed to secure a parking spot half a mile down the highway, a testament to the popularity of this trail.

If you are out here in the Fall, it will be a couple of miles before you see the larches, but the views from early on in the trail will keep you distracted.

First views of the north cascades
first views from the trail
first section of Golden larches
first grouping of larches

Since the larches are such a spectacle, expect the Cutthroat pass trail to be chalked full of people. A relatively continuous line of other hikers, backpackers, and runners is here to view the same thing. These larches draw quite a crowd.

trailcutter on cutthroat pass trail
trailcutter with the larches
switchback in the trail with golden larches
switchback in the trail
large patch of golden larches
large patch of golden larches

Trailcutter and I had an easy day out with a long lunch break at Cutthroat Pass. We stared off into the distance over the horizon of the Cascades, watching the clouds roll around and snapping lots of photos. So, for this post, I will let the images speak for themselves.

view of the golden larches
view of the golden larches
first views from cutthroat pass
first views from cutthroat pass
view from cutthroat pass
view from cutthroat pass
view from cutthroat pass
view from cutthroat pass

If you are looking for a bit of a challenge or are keen on Washington's 100 highest peaks, the trip out to Tower and Golden Horn may just be worth the trip while you are out here. I suggest more than a single day, though.

For those in for a much longer drive but a smaller crowd and more challenging hike, the larches out by Hoodoo Peak might be worth considering.

golden larches scramble hoodoo peak
golden larches along scramble
golden larch at hoodoo pass
golden larch on hoodoo peak

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