Madrone Crest
Dec 24, 2014
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There are many places to begin the madrone crest trail. For this day I felt that a loop would be best. That way I could experience more than one trail and keep the scenery fresh. If you are wondering different ways to approach the hike, WTA has excellent info on all entry points.

The loop I used was to take the North Lost lake trail until it meets with the Salal trail. This trail then meets with the Madrone Crest trail. On the return trip, I then took the Salal trail to get back to the trailhead I had used This trail is what you would expect from the Chuckanut Mountains. Very wooded but filled with freeway noise. The trail is muddy but nothing out of the norm for Washington in December.

waterfall along the trail to madrone crest
waterfall near trailhead
madrone crest trail
nearly paved trail

The madrone crest trail is an enjoyable day out. Considering the time restraint of making Christmas eve dinner, it was perfect for the occasion. Luckily snow has been falling near Baker and soon snowshoeing season can begin. That will be a far better release from the stress of school. If you are looking for a more intriguing day out, nearby Teddy Bear Cove cove or Oyster Dome

blow down along the trail
blow down
last stretch of trail along madrone crest
last section of trail

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