Alger Alp
Mar 18, 2018
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I was in need of a good training hike for a climb up Mt. Hood next month: Alger Alp seemed like a good place to start. I loaded up a backpack with 30 pounds of last quarter’s textbooks (apparently they are useful) and headed out.

alger alp parking area washington
alger alp parking
alger alp trail
alger alp trail
first view from the trail on alger alp
First view from the road walk

The trailhead is super easy to find since every time I have been here the trail is crowded. This is good since the “trail-head” is more the shoulder of the road. Don’t expect a parking lot.Alger alp isn’t as crowded as North Chuckanut Mountain hikes such as Oyster Dome. As a result, everyone from avid hikers to families tend to show up on a nice day.

hang gliders coming down above the trail
hang glider from top of alger alp
alger from alger alp
view from alger alp
view north from trail
view north from alger alp

As far as adventures go, there isn’t much to say about this hike. It is up a road with a moderate grade. There’s a lot of mosquitoes that seem to swarm you every time you stop; I nearly swallowed one.One of my favorite parts about the hike up Alger Alp is watching the hang gliders. Alger alp provides a perfect launching point. Due to this on a sunny day there can be a continuous stream of them.You will be constantly surrounded by people with dogs and their children.

While the trail up is nothing to rave about, the reward at the top makes the climb worth it. It’s a great spring season workout and a great start to training for climbs. Really Alger Alp is one of those easy to get to hikes that is great for a family or a quick day out like we all need once in a while.

mount vernon from alger alp summit
mount vernon from the top
north sister from alger alp
north sister from alger alp

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