Fort Casey State Park
Mar 1, 2019
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Washington’s Fort Casey State Park has been a place my family would visit for picnics on sunny days. I haven’t been here for years due to the fact that I’ve been off climbing Mountains. With Sam preparing to move to the East Coast soon for a new job, we both wanted to get in one last weekend adventure. With how the weather has been shaping up lately, it seemed the perfect place to go for a few hours away.

Despite it being midday before we left, the ferry ride from Mukilteo to Clinton had no traffic. If you ever try to take this route on a summer day, make sure to check the ferry wait time before heading out. If it is long, opt for a nice drive-over deception pass and try taking the ferry on the way home.

ferry ride to whidbey island washington
ferry ride
fort casey ferry ride to whidbey island washington
ferry ride
seagull near the ferry dock
seagull watching us

Fort Casey in Washington was an active military base for around 40 during WWI and into the early years of WWII. So for the history buffs out there it makes the perfect fusion of the outdoors and history. It was 21 years since I last remember coming to Washington’s Fort Casey State Park.

I remember a large amount of graffiti and trash had taken the fort over. It was at a point where they closed everything off and limited the amount you could walk through the old base. But, I was surprised to see that a large part of it was accessible. New exhibit signs hung all over and you could walk through the base halls again.

fort casey guard tower
guard tower
view of fort casey from the walkway
fort casey
fort casey artillery gun
artillery gun
artillery gun at fort casey washington
artillery gun
old gun pointed at the bay fort casey washington
fort casey guns

We decided after walking around Fort Casey for a few hours to Coupeville for a meal. That was the best choice we made all day. We stopped at a little place called the Front Street Grill which had some of the best seafood I have eaten in my life. The prices were excellent for what we got and the beer/wine list was outstanding. All in all it was an excellent day out.

turret tower along the hiking trail
turret tower
puget sound seen from the turret tower
puget sound from the turret
seagull resting on the state park sign
seagull resting on the sign
food in coupeville washington
lunch in coupeville

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