heybrook lookout tower


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Heybrook lookout trail is one of those hikes that I don’t visit very often. The tower is a worthy destination. But, it is a mere 1 mile long (each direction). Though the payoff in views is high. For an avid hiker it doesn’t make a lot of sense to drive an hour or so for a 1-mile hike. Often I will use this as a “rest” stop on my way back from Leavenworth or as an add on to another hike for the day. For this day, I wanted to do two hikes due to a complication in my peak climbing plans. So, I combined Heybrook Lookout with Wallace Falls for an exceptional day out.
Start of the trail up heybrook mountain
start of the trail
ongoing trail work to heybrook lookout tower
ongoing trail work
wooded section of the trail
wooded section of trail

Heybrook lookout trail leaves from the small turnout on the side of Highway 2. It starts by climbing a small distance over 2 or three switchbacks. There is evidence of current trail work going on here. Most likely thanks to our friends over at WTA. They build and maintain many of the trails in the great state of Washington. Follow the link to donate some time or money for the cause.

After climbing a 200 – 300 feet Heybrook lookout trail levels off. It then follows a gentle ridge for another half mile to Heybrook lookout tower. Until reaching the tower the trail is in heavy woods.

trail up the mountainside
trail to lookout
heybrook lookout tower index washington
heybrook lookout
Heybrook lookout tower is by far the attraction along the trail. While you cannot enter the tower itself, you can climb the stairs to its platform. From here there are 270-degree views of the surrounding areas. These include views of Mount Index, Baring Mountain, Merchant Peak, and Bridal Veil Falls. Heybrook lookout trail is more than worth the minimal effort. It is an excellent choice for a day out if you have kids. Don’t expect an epic adventure, this is one for an easy day out.
view southeast from heybrook lookout tower
view southeast from the tower
view of mount index from the lookout
mount index
view of highway 2 from the lookout
highway 2, index and bridal veil
baring mountain from the lookout tower
baring mountain
waterboy and baring mountain
waterboy and baring